It's from God's love for us and God's faithfulness to us that we learn of love and faith. God is for us, and not against us, and He's building up our faith in Christ and leading us into every good thing.

When we're assured of our salvation and forgiveness of all sin, and understand that God is not punishing us, we can walk forward unafraid. We can trust the Holy Spirit will guide us and lead us into all truth and righteousness, and if we make mistakes and get off track, He will always set our feet right again. God's discipline is not a punishment. If we feel chastened or disciplined, or we're facing some austerity or difficulty, regardless of the reason, it's an opportunity to be disciplined as an athlete is disciplined and exercised, so that we may be strengthened in our faith.

We don't have to live under the law of sin and death, but rather walk, covered in the blood of Jesus, with our eyes fixed on Christ. We don't have to let anything condemn us or accuse us. We can be assured that when God looks at us, He only sees the righteousness of Jesus. Don't get tricked by the enemy to give up the grace and freedom and liberty in Christ that you've been given. You can choose to walk in your salvation right now, by faith. You don't have to wait until you're dead.

On the day of the Lord, all will be made manifest, of that there is no doubt. And it won't require much in the way of faith, anymore, either, as we will see everything physically. We have a unique and short time right now to exercise our faith in Christ. When we look at our physical reality, and we look at who God says we are in Christ, we may see a discrepancy. Why isn't it as God says? In this life, it would seem we're being asked to have faith. To learn of faith, and to exercise faith in Christ. We're told to walk by faith and not by sight, so even if our physical reality might not match our faith, our faith is a more sure thing. And God is pleased by our faith.

The power of sin is in the law, so try not to look at life as a series of rules to obey, but rather just look to Christ and live genuinely and trust Him to accomplish every good thing in you. Don't worry that your flesh is not perfected in this life. It never will be. Nor is any fleshly perfection required to make us worthy before God. Only the blood of Jesus, and His righteousness, imputed to us by faith, make us worthy before God. And you were given that the moment you believed on Jesus. The sin God takes from our lives is a benefit to us, and is part of the works God has preordained for us. It is the work of Christ in us, and does not require great striving and effort on our part. There are things for us to do, but they are natural and not burdensome. Jesus yoke is easy, and His burden is light.

We're told we reap what we sow, so sow faith in Christ and your sure salvation and forgiveness of sin now, so that you may reap accordingly, now, in this life. Whatever we're brought through in life, we can trust God will bring us through it all, and work everything for our good.

You don't have to agree with me. You can be saved and choose to put yourself under the law in this life. And it's our eternal salvation that is the most important thing. If you don't understand what I'm saying, don't feel bad. I'd just ask that you pray and ask God to show you the truth. And you can trust the Holy Spirit to guide you. I really do believe it's a better way, to walk in the truth of our salvation right now. Do you imagine you'll get to heaven and Jesus will be upset with you for having too much faith in Him?

There is peace and rest in Christ. A sound mind. A mind that is quiet, but not empty, as it is full of Christ. Without a thousand thoughts flitting around. Without fear and condemnation. I'm not saying everything is perfect for me, but it's a greater peace and rest than I've known before, and I'm thankful. And I pray we all find peace and rest in Christ.